Figure out what the heck is wrong with your course!

CourseCritique is a simple and easy way to make sure your course is the best possible product and extension of you before it hits the market.


1. Shows you what's missing in your content and its packaging
2. Helps you nails down what you really need to include in your class to make sure it stands up to education institution standards
3. Helps your produce the best product you can offer
Get your course checked before it leaves the deck!

 Here's what you get:
-  Six (6) elements to a quality learning event
- An electronic assessment
- Guidance through the process

Four easy steps to conduct your Audit:
1. Pick a course your want to critique, could be an outline
2. Access the CourseCritique application
3. Grade each item listed with the content of your course.
4. Receive your results

You will know in 60 minutes are less where you need to fill the gaps and enhance your learning experience so you can LevelUp your learning experiences.  

 Perform your gap analysis today!

 PS.  Start today and you have your course ready to launch during the prime professional development season, September- December.

3 things you will know after you have conducted your audit:

1. That you have a great course that can stay like it is currently designed.

2. That your course needs a little work and you are going to save it and make it better.

3. That your course really missed the mark and that you need to scrap it and start anew.  

Whatever the case, you WILL move forward with more confidence and reach the desired level of teaching and create quality learning experiences, that ultimately sell more.

What's included?

7 Videos
1 Multimedia
5 Texts
Toni Brown
Toni Brown
CLO (Chief Learning Officer)

About the instructor

As the creator of Creating Your Classroom Academy, it is Toni’s mission to assist entrepreneurs, small business owners and college grads in delivering clear, comprehensive content and look good while presenting it.

Toni has been in the course design game for over 15 years working with government agencies, post-secondary education, k-12 organization and Fortune 500 corporations; infusing technology into their learning programs.

Not only does she have years of work experience, she has the theory behind why adults want to learn and how they learn best. With two master’s degrees, she’s got you covered.

Toni doesn’t just create courses, she creates all-inclusive learning experiences, and she will become your favorite teacher!

Toni, with her beautiful sidekick daughter Joi, are ready to educate the world!

Let’s go!

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