Toni L Brown Education Center

10K Course Clarity Workshop

This self-paced course provides you steps to get clear on the topic you need to teach. This class gives you the steps to get discover your course topic and be ready for the market.


Map Your 10k Course Intensive

Get hands-on course content development strategies with 3- 3 hour sessions, videos and worksheets to create your 10k Course Foundation.


FAC: The New Foundation w/VIP Session

FAC: The New Foundations of Course Creations workshop where we are going to build you a solid course foundation so you can easily get organized to design and launch your course in record time.


CourseBot Application

Course creation application: Never get lost on your course creation journey again!

$375.00 / 6 months

Co L.A.B.

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See how your course stands up against those on corporate or college campuses world-wide. The only way to build a better course.