Hands down, the Best ATM Course Checklist Around!

Eliminate fuss and get to the good stuff!

This user friendly, downloadable coaching planner takes the guess-work out of creating and launching your course.  With 80+ pages that houses 10 tantalizing templates that are just waiting to take control of your content. 

The noteworthy note sections are there to capture your genius at work.  Not sure where to put this gem but know it has to be included, drop it in the notes section where it will be secured and ready for placement at anytime.   

This checklist can be used for multiple learning events and launches including live learning series, webinars, online or in-person events.

The ATM checklist includes coaching notes and action steps to collect the right content at the right place.  It's all laid out for you.  

This little checklist also serves as a project manager to add accountability to your progress.

Are you ready to rock the world and deliver a course that the people are waiting for?

You deserve to bask in the glory of knowing you can help take someone from their dire state to desired state.

You deserve to have the lifestyle you desire.

Don't make the mistake 85% of passionate, purpose-driven entrepreneurs in your situation end up making and try to do it alone.  I see it over and over and your course will be sitting right in the same spot it is today, next week, next month, next year if you don't make get a little guidance.

Peep the super simple sample pages below, design to systemize your course creation process, capture your genius, and create a cash money course.

Did I mention it comes with a 10 minute teaching lesson from me where I guide you on the best way to complete and use each template.

I've got you all the way!

So grab your copy today!

Inside the checklist: