Get the Expert Course Creation Guidance, Strategies, Support and Mentorship You Need to Make Your 1st or next 5 Figure Course


We know you … you’re the educated, ambitious service provider, consultant or coach with a calendar full of private coaching clients. You’re the educated, ambitious service provider, consultant or coach who loves what you do but also wants to get back to having a life outside of the work you do. 

And you’re the educated, ambitious service provider, consultant or coach who wants to serve more of the people who need you most but you have no idea how to do that when you’re already booked to capacity. 

You see, I KNOW who you are because I work with a long of list of ambitious goal getters who were overwhelmed by their full calendars, who were neglecting themselves to do the work they love and who wanted to serve more people, but don’t have the time to do so.  

Notice how I used the past tense to describe their pain? That’s because since leveraging my course creation expertise, they’re no longer struggling with those things anymore. And when you enroll in the Automatic Teaching Machine, your challenges will switch to “past tense” as well.

Imagine can get paid for that course that's been on your mind, BEFORE you even create it!

If you’ve been struggling to connect the dots and get clear on how to develop the course topic your audience needs and turn it into a signature program that will make you $10K (or more) in revenue, then this is the video workshop set for you. With 15 hours of instruction, this workshop is jam-packed with no-fluff guidance and actionable strategies you can execute immediately to move closer to achieving your course creation goals.

The Course Creation Guidance You’ve Been Searching For

eClasses designed to help you make your first (or next) 5 Figure online course


    This e-course will help you discover THE course you need to teach. A course your learners will fall in love with and take action, using my G.I.F.T. Framework. Inside, is also resources to help you with the technical setup and understanding what should go in your course.


    This e-course will help you discover the secret to your unique teaching style AKA Signature Course Cocktail that will help your course stand out from the marketplace. You will also learn more about how to produce your course and even how to price it.



  • Checklist to keep you organized (Value $47)

  • Discover THE course your learners will crave using my G.I.F.T. Framework™. (Value $67)

  • Determine your crave worthy content using the Transformation Track™ (Value $57)

  • The electrifying elements of the FundleFlow method, that not only starts the learner’s experience but leads to an offer they can’t refuse. (Value $97)

  • Set up your course for pre$ell with tech tutorials removing any obstacles to the money. (Value $67)

  • Build the Ultimate Online A.T.M. Profit Path that leads Onlookers to Paying Pupils (Value $127)

  • Develop a three-step sales funnel using FundleFlow Framework (Value $67)

  • Learn how to leverage the leads and create an autopay lead generator (Value $67)



  • Develop your lucrative A.T.M. Lessons (Value $97)

  • Discover the secret to your unique teaching style AKA Signature Course Cocktail (Value $157)

  • Implement a simple video recording strategy that look and sound like an Emmy Award winning show (Value $197)

  • The MOST effective way to script your paper making production (Value $97)

  • The price is right A.T.M. fee calculation form (Value $67)

Some items you get when you get A.T.M. Academy Express


These exclusive bonuses are designed to reduce overwhelm, increase confidence and decrease time waste AND make you show up and out in the market proving those pesky nah sayers wrong.

  • 5 Figure Course Community

    Get expert feedback and advise your your A.T.M. in our community so that you can tap that publish button with confidence!

  • VIP Get Paid to Create Your Course eCoaching

    Get expert coaching in your inbox! This eCoaching component that helps you go from blank canvas to bankable content.

  • 5 Figure Content Bonuses

    Quick Learns that help you identify the exact words to use on your sales page so that you can generate more traffic and have people waiting for your course like it's the Saturday Jordans drop.

Meet Your Teach

CLO (Chief Learning Officer) Toni Brown

As the creator of Creating Your Classroom Academy, it is Toni’s mission to assist entrepreneurs, small business owners and college grads in delivering clear, comprehensive content and look good while presenting it. Toni has been in the course design game for over 20 years working with government agencies, post-secondary education, k-12 organization and Fortune 500 corporations; infusing technology into their learning programs. Not only does she have years of work experience, she has the theory behind why adults want to learn and how they learn best. With two master’s degrees, she’s got you covered. Toni doesn’t just create courses, she creates all-inclusive learning experiences, and she will become your favorite teacher! Toni, with her beautiful sidekick daughter Joi, are ready to educate the world! Let’s go!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to already have a course idea flushed out?

    Nope. You have access to the 5 Figure Course Creation community for additional support and during this time and we can flush out your idea.

  • Do I need to be tech savvy?

    No, you do not need to have any tech skills at all, I have easy to use tutorials to walk you through everything.

  • Will this work with my industry?

    Absolutely! Since I've been in this industry for 20 plus years, I can easily show you how to insert your expertise into this framework.

  • What's your refund policy?

    Since this is a digital product there are NO refunds. I am here to make sure you get the most out of this course content. There are no surprises and if something you need is missing, then I will do what I can to accommodate the request.

  • Will I definitely make 5 figures?

    The amount of money you make is on you! You can make more or you can make less! This system gives you the steps and resources you need to create and operate your A.T.M. (automatic teaching machine) and get it on the market so that you can make the amount of income you desire. As with any product or service, your end results are determined by you and how you show, tell, and sell your course.