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See the BIG picture with CourseBot. You have the concept and the content, you simply need it to come together with ease.

Ready to get your course out of your head and into your customers' hands as quick as you can?

Today ends your everlasting Google Course Creation search!

What I'm giving you can't be googled.

Let me introduce you to THE quickest way to create your course without cutting any  good content corners,  or
wasting any more time trying to figure it all out  or 
eliminate overwhelm you put it off for another year so 
you can start collecting those coins and go from serving one to service many!

The hardest thing about creating a course is keeping your money-making module, lucrative lesson, and teachable tasks in order and on topic!  Having to flip back and forth in your handy dandy notebook or fumble through piles of paper for the lay out you produced months ago becomes frustrating and overwhelming and wears you down mentally, to the point of wanting to give up.   Creating a course like this is time consuming, you lose concentration and just eats up your valuable time and precious brain power, which you could be using to focus on other parts of your biz or fun time with your fam.  

CourseBot fast-tracks your course creation journey so you can start collecting those coins sooner rather than later! 

See, like many small business owners and entrepreneurs I've worked with, you've been sitting on this course way too long; it's the one thing that keeps getting rolled over on your do-to list until now.

But first, what's really holding you back?  Why aren't you C.R.A.N.K.ing Out Your Course?

Is it because you're scared, you fear putting yourself out there? Or you can't find or don't want to fine the time to get it done!  You know what?  Success is on the other side of that fear and someone is waiting on YOU to teach them what you know, so let's go and make that dough!

Let me tell you a little bit about the CourseBot App and her Crew.  It takes your step-by-step through building your PayPal pinging, Stripe cha-chinking course and pre-populates your genius through each phase of the course creation process. 

By the end of this course creation application you will have:

  • Constructed your course map
  • Know the best delivery method for each of your lessons
  • Know the best materials needed to enhance your class
  • Know what media you need
  • Know the activities and exercises  to include
  • Know best ways to manage your time

NOTE: Since all items are digital, ALL SALES ARE FINAL!  

CourseBot: Your Teaching GPS 
(never leave home without it)

CourseBot Application - Instruction Guide - Project Planner -ClassFrame (slide deck generator) - Course Creation Recipe ebook - What's the B.I.G. Idea Course and Launch Mini Project Planner 

NOTE: Since all items are digital, ALL SALES ARE FINAL! 

What's included?

1 Video
2 Texts
Toni Brown
Toni Brown
CLO (Chief Learning Officer)

About the instructor

As the creator of Creating Your Classroom Academy, it is Toni’s mission to assist entrepreneurs, small business owners and college grads in delivering clear, comprehensive content and look good while presenting it.

Toni has been in the course design game for over 15 years working with government agencies, post-secondary education, k-12 organization and Fortune 500 corporations; infusing technology into their learning programs.

Not only does she have years of work experience, she has the theory behind why adults want to learn and how they learn best. With two master’s degrees, she’s got you covered.

Toni doesn’t just create courses, she creates all-inclusive learning experiences, and she will become your favorite teacher!

Toni, with her beautiful sidekick daughter Joi, are ready to educate the world!

Let’s go!


Your course is only a few guided steps away!

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