Co L.A.B.

Nothing beats, the power of owning your own ATM.

Imagine laying eyes on your screen full on payment notifications for the first time, thinking of all the things you can now check off the list; credit cards with a zero balance, family trips you can now pay in full and the retirement plans ready to make.  

Having a well designed course creation plan ready for you to take action makes this happen sooner than later.

Imagine having a service-focused community filled with high level of support that fosters a network of supportive partners.


It's all possible in the Co L.A.B THE only place in the market where small business owners and entrepreneurs with big plans and little time to waste come to C.R.A.N.K. out their course!

Co L.A.B. is a magical place that wipes away 90% of doubt in 5 minutes.

With daily use, this magical course creation studio with 50 easy to follow steps will eliminate all signs of course creation fatigue and overwhelm.

Our users are getting those daily payment notifications.

This place helps you get that bonus in 3 months without having to go through the pain and hassle of learning a new skill, working with another boss, or leaving your family for hours.


Join Co L.A.B?
What is Co L.A.B.?  Co L.A.B. (Course Lessons, Accountability and Business Strategies) is a quarterly subscription service where you have access to a support group, during your course creation journey so that you can launch confidently to a full class and make more money.


- Analysis paralysis

- Second guessing the process

- Course Creation overwhelm

- Pushing the Publish button paralysis 

What's Included in the Membership?

With a Co L.A.B. membership you can...

  • Submit a trouble-shooting ticket and get a response in 24-48hours
  • Submit a question for weekly Q & A
  • Showcase your course, "conduct a mini-pilot" 
  • Collaborate with a community of learning in our Facebook group
  • Network in our Coursecomony where while you are in the group your course will be available to our community as long as it’s not a conflict of interest for me
  • Exclusive trainings
  • Accountability emails
  • Quarterly strategy session
  • Planning Periods (Co-Working sessions)
  • Access to me : )--priceless

There is nothing holding you back!  
Join the community today!  
Your bank account is waiting!
Your girl friend trip to Greece is waiting! 

Your new Audi Q3 is waiting for a family road trip!
The people that need your gift are waiting!


*This is a 3 month membership which means it is contract free and you can Cancel Anytime before your next charge.

Toni Brown
Toni Brown
CLO (Chief Learning Officer)

About the instructor

As the creator of Creating Your Classroom Academy, it is Toni’s mission to assist entrepreneurs, small business owners and college grads in delivering clear, comprehensive content and look good while presenting it.

Toni has been in the course design game for over 15 years working with government agencies, post-secondary education, k-12 organization and Fortune 500 corporations; infusing technology into their learning programs.

Not only does she have years of work experience, she has the theory behind why adults want to learn and how they learn best. With two master’s degrees, she’s got you covered.

Toni doesn’t just create courses, she creates all-inclusive learning experiences, and she will become your favorite teacher!

Toni, with her beautiful sidekick daughter Joi, are ready to educate the world!

Let’s go!

 Your Course Support System!

I want my own ATM!